Terminally diagnosed


but not willing to accept that?


 I wasn’t either.

This Is My Story

Chris Collins was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia in 2010 and given 3-6 months to live since she declined any mainstream or allopathic options. Instead of kicking the bucket, however, she healed. She didn’t accept that diagnosis, and still doesn’t. She feels a diagnosis is only an opinion. It may not be the truth.

This site is for those who have ALREADY made the decision to walk away from mainstream medicine, not to use as a tool to make that decision. This decision only comes from you, not from any information that you might read. One of the reasons Chris decided western mainstream (allopathic) medicine was not for her was the fact that she had 4 family members and 2 friends pass on to the other side using allopathic options. Once she realized there were more options, she went a different way. During the past four years, she has continued to do research to find others who have healed using natural therapies. The list continues to grow. Go here for our Stories Page.

She coined the term Revivor for those who choose this path because they are, indeed, reviving themselves just as someone would revive a person who is near death. The tools they use are specific to them, and chosen by them.

Read more in “She used natural therapies to heal aplastic anemia,” an article featured in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: .

This is Your Story

This site was built to support you, the Revivor, in beauty, truth, knowledge, humor (hopefully) and strength as you walk your path. Use it as a jumping off point to find others who have, indeed, healed themselves of rare and common terminal diagnoses. You will also find things to help you expand in the areas of beauty, wonder, joy, calm, courage, and fun.

What you believe and accept, is your truth. No one can give you an opinion which you do not accept, and expect it to stick! It’s like an old post-it, curled, rumpled, and useless! Your own opinion is the one that counts, and you will know it clearly the more you know yourself. This is helpful because ALL responsibility for Life lies with you and your choices.

Hopefully here you will find keys to understanding you, accepting you, celebrating you and walking your own path.

As Matthew McConaghuey says, JKL. Just keep livin’.

As the Revivor says, IRFA! I’m Ready for Anything!

Chris Collins

Chris Collins


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